Freelancing 101

On a very fine Thursday noon there was an undue hustle in the NBS seminar hall. Intrigued I started walking towards the hall, grabbed a seat and started analyzing the event. Participants were continuously entering the seminar hall and grabbed their seats. Soon the event started and now let me tell you what it was all about?Money makes the world go around, and surprisingly, it’s the one thing you can never have too much of. If you have spare time, a laptop with an internet connection, and the determination to be self sufficient, then freelancing is not something you can do but excel at it. But freelancing has not to offer just extra cash! it helps you learn valuable interpersonal and time management skills, and creates a work ethic that will undoubtedly lead you far ahead in your professional life. With the plethora of information available online, a question arise where to begin?This is the platform in which we know where to begin it, understand it and compete with the whole global valley.





The event starts and the organizers were excited to see about 50% of the attendees were women. Aleema Moin as the host of this event welcome all the participants. Without taking much of time the event started with recitation of verses of Holy Quran. The speaker Saad Hamid joined the workshop. Mr Saad Hamid specializes in digital products, growth hacking, online marketing and strategy, outreach and partnerships, training and learning and development for impact-driven and community focused startups and organization. The host requested Mr Saad to come on stage and continue the event.The speaker starts by introducing himself. He worked with a lot of best multinational companies like TED, Telenor, TED, Google, World-bank, UNICEF, Mobilink and many others. Currently he is working as a consultant in many major projects in Pakistan. Before starting to tell about freelancing, he asks participants why are you here? One of participants tells we are here because we want to know how we earn money and a start up guide for freelancing.So Saad Hamid told about startup things like who is an online entrepreneur, What are common ways of freelancing, what a person must do and what must not do. Anybody working online as programmer, assistant, content writer, blogger,etc are entrepreneur. Zaid Ali T is one of the famous entrepreneur. There are many common ways to earn money like writing, blogging, graphic designing, author, youtube sensation, virtual assistant, data entry, woocommerce, etc.To be a successful freelancer one must learn new skills, open to try again and again, be self motivated, don’t be lazy, etc. You have to know your ability and try to take what you can really do. Don’t try to take risks at the startup. The person must explore creativity, stand out from crowd, scout for good match, be professional and be patient.





On how to start an online business, he advised that one should follow the formal legal paths and concerning legislations. At the moment, there are several government regulatory business present that follow these rules. Although, e commerce is relatively a new phenomenon, but Pakistan has been quite welcoming and open to new rules through oft-amended Constitution. The presence of e commerce ventures that include big names like Daraz, Yayvo, and Telemart are a visible testament to the said fact. At this moment Saad Hamid raise a question what’s the secret sauce behind a successful freelancer? He told the recipe of secret sauce which consists of just four things platform, proposal, market and your portfolio. A person become eminent if he or she take care of this sauce. There are many platforms running nowadays. One of the famous platform is up work in which Saad Hamid is currently working.

Pakistan freelancer platform is one of his projects that is build only to help the people of pakistan. Indeed Pakistani’s possess great skills but they face large number of problems in their startups because of communication problem in english language and lack of awareness to interact with people. So he advised to take start from this site as a freelancer and work non-profitable, make good reputation, a better portfolio and experience a lot of things.

Learn to know how to make a good proposal. This is one of the most important recipe of the secret sauce. It is the key to attract the people. One of the participants ask about bid as indian people bids a project with least they can do. So what we do in return to get such type of work. Saad Hamid told that mostly the buyers don’t give project to lowest bid in competition. They tried to take a look at proposals for about 5 seconds of each and decide mostly on the basis of proposal. So if you have good reputation, good portfolio and a catchy and attractive proposal you must get the required job.

In the end Saad Hamid told about a number of skills which are currently required and those which are the needs of future. There are a lot of opportunities in data writing, virtual assistant, excel work, simulation software, publication. Usually people starts from publication as he told his wife do the same. The top desired softwares needed currently in market are JAVA, HTML5, Android Studio, JellyBean, C, C++, Python, Ruby on Rails, SQL, JAVAScript, IOS, Mac language, swift, Matlab, Arduino and much more. These are the future learning languages and courses.

Saad Hamid build a website to teach skills for a better future of Pakistani citizens. The school of skills helps youth in emerging economies learn skills so they can work and earn with dignity and become a part of the digital economy. So anyone having problems can use this site and learn a course without any fee.




Now again Aleema Moin takes the control of mike. On behalf of NUST Bioreach society, she thanked Saad Hamid to find time from his busy schedule and come to aware the students of NUST. To honour our guest, she invites faculty sponsor Dr. Muhammad Faraz Bhatti to come on stage and gave shield to Saad Hamid from NUST. The workshop ends here. The host thanked everyone to come to this event and make it a great success as any event becomes a success only if participants arrive.

It is indeed my pleasure to make a few closing remarks and express gratitude to all those who made this event a reality. It was an interactive workshop with Mr. Saad Hamid, who provided us with all the basic information one need to start freelance work. The planning of this workshop was paved with difficulties. NUST Bioreach society also wishes to express gratitude to the faculty sponsor for their faith and finding time to come here to honour us.
I want to congratulate the core team, all very committed, unwavering, encouraging, liable and responsible volunteers especially the event heads, Fatima and Marrium who did their best in pulling this off, also Tahreem, Bilal, Najia, Anique, Shahrukh ,ELina, Talha, Maira and all other members of core team plus OBs for the successful execution of the event.

Written by Hassan Sadiq – Executive Publications


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