Saving Water, Promoting Health

This society is committed to providing a platform for young researchers of the school to share their scientific ideas and promote intelligent debate among the future scientists. Furthermore, public health awareness initiatives form a key part of our agenda.

As the saying goes,

“When the well is dry, we learn the worth of water”.

According to a study, 783 million of people worldwide do not have access to clean and safe water. The count certainly, is higher among developing countries. The overuse of this worthy resource can cause serious problems both to us and to our posterity in future.

NUST BioReach Society took it upon themselves to make children of “Apna Orphanage” aware about the said paramount concern linking it with health and hygiene. The event titled, “Saving Water, Promoting Health” was a water conservation awareness programme that was executed in an orphanage known as, “Apna Orphanage”. Our main aim was to make our current and future generations conscious of the need to conserve, how to conserve and how to assist other conserve the precious water resources.

For procuring our goals, the proceedings of the event were triggered – the event page was created on Facebook, invitations for the event were sent and the page was daily updated with engaging posts on water conservation, health and hygiene. All of the members who volunteered for the cause participated enthusiastically and with great fervor.

This event was held on 31st December, 2016. 13 enthusiastic volunteers started their journey towards Apna Orphanage at 10:00 am and reached there at 11:00 am. A group of 25 children greeted us with innocent faces and high jubilation. Firstly, some fun sessions were introduced; games like “Ring a Ring a Roses’’, “Passing the Parcel” etc. It soon made children comfortable and the atmosphere became relaxed and easy-going. After that, some lectures on water conservation and hygiene in the form of presentations were delivered to the jubilant faces which was followed by a cartoon watching session.

Later some more interactive assemblers were conducted which comprised of more games like puzzle solving, and zoom out etc. The children were all really bright and were seemed enjoying their time with us. At around 2:00 pm, we decided to bid adieu, a sad one provided the glumness on children’s faces and our unwillingness to go back was eminent.

On the genre, execution and importance of the said event the President NUST BioReach Society, Ms. Aiman Farzeen, shared her experience saying, “It was a rewarding experience, we got to make the kids happy and they got to learn about the importance of saving water!” Another executive member and active volunteer, Hareem Rehman Mirza, remarked, “It was an amazing and life changing experience for me because it made me realize how little we actually need to be happy and that life is not fair to all of us. The love that I received from those children was so warming and I will definitely be going back again”.

Not Just we did our small part for the society but it was also that we learned some lifelong lessons. Going to an orphanage taught us a plethora of morals. First and foremost, the dignity, unity and above all kinship. We must take good lessons of humanity from the cute hands and implement them in our lives. The lessons which tutor and train us on living a naive life with immense mirth, even though there is less or no amenity.

Source: Heshma Ijaz
(Executive Publications, NUST Bioreach Society)


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