NBioS assists study-related endeavors by giving out a high-tech biology equipment, Foldoscope to a college

One of the Pakistan’s most recent factsheets on education brought to light a fact that about 62 percent of total students in our country attend government schools. The government schools are owned and run through government funds which are scarce and limited. Although, over time, the overall condition seems to have improved slightly, the condition of government schools have remained forlorn.  Many schools do not even have school buildings, while others lack on their maintenance part, as well as on other facilities like elemental technology, equipped labs and even electricity. Due to these loopholes, the students who study there rarely get to do more than just reading about the exciting aspects of applied subjects just like Sciences.

Keeping all this in mind Nust BioReach Society, under the supervision of its faculty sponsor Dr. Faraz Bhatti, decided to make possible distributing foldscopes (sometimes also called the origami paper microscopes) to any school lacking this major biology tool. Our main aim was to aid future scientists and  trigger a source for deeper and profound understanding of science and its applications. This could essentially mean giving birth to highly skilled and competent scientific and technological labor force, assuring great future of the country in the field of medical sciences and technological development.NBioS Foldoscope

13th March, 2017 marked the day when Nust BioReach Society, with a team of 16 members headed by Dr. Faraz Bhatti from ASAB, finally visited Islamabad Model College For Girls, G-11/1. The team reached the venue by 11:00 A.M. and was warmly welcomed by the Principal. While Dr. Faraz discussed the aim and inspiration behind the outreach programme with the Principal and teachers of IMCG, we had fun time interacting with children. It was their first day of 8th class and we played our part in making it a memorable one. Their excitement and eagerness were evident as foldscopes were distributed for they got a chance to observe and had a look through the foldscopes. The team showed more videos on the use of microscopes to the children and explained its applications to feed the children’s curiosity. After that we brought the students and teachers together for a photo session and lastly bid farewell, taking nothing but cherished memories along with us.

It is everyone’s civic duty to play whatever part they can to the well-being of society. Doing that one can bring to himself a sense of accomplishment, camaraderie, and community service.  We should all try to play small and little parts towards the construction of our country and society, closing in with a quote from Winston Churchill – “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”

It would be pertinent to mention the utmost support from Professor Manu Parkash from Standford University who was kind enough to send the foldscopes for outreach purposes. We would also like to reckon the efforts of Dr. Abida Siddiqa, a Post-graduate doctor who under the supervision of Lawrence Banks-ICGEB played pivotal role in threading Dr. Faraz Bhatti with Professor Manu Parkash.

The amazing writeup is credited to Heshma Ejaz, Executive Publications at NBioS


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